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Online Courses

I’ve created multiple educational online chicken keeping course videos to help you find out all there is to know about keeping your own flock of hens (and cockerels!).

I’ve shared my 20 years worth of experience across these videos, all of which come under different subject titles. If you’re a total beginner then the ‘full package’ will be beneficial to you as all areas of chicken keeping are covered. On the other hand, if you already have a flock but would like to know which coops to upgrade to, how to treat various illnesses, how to introduce new birds to your existing flock, how to care for your hens who are going through moult, what you’ll need to hatch and rear your own chicks (artificially and naturally), how to manage a good husbandry routine and which feeds and bedding are best to use (the list goes on…!) then these videos are also for you.

If you have questions after watching any of the videos then please email me: OR and I’ll be more than happy to help answer them. Thank you and I hope you enjoy them!