Bury Green Poultry’s new Instagram community is now LIVE!

I have created a private page on Instagram for those who wish to be part of a new and exciting journey, please read the information below to find out more…

What you will get for £2.99/month:

  • Chicken keeping advice (lots of it!)
  • Live weekly Q&A – all your questions answered
  • Live IG videos (IG = Instagram)
  • Exclusive access to all past IGTV live videos
  • Exclusive access to pre-recorded videos focusing on different chicken keeping topics (multiple videos uploaded every week)
  • Be part of a community sharing a passion for poultry and stay connected


Before you click subscribe, you MUST fill in the ‘Your Instagram name’ field with the username you will be using to join the Bury Green Poultry community.

For example – Name: @claudia123 

Once you have subscribed, you need to request to follow @burygreenpoultrylive

(Link here: https://www.instagram.com/burygreenpoultrylive/)

Join today – enter your Instagram name below and click subscribe 🙂

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Community Information

One of the reasons for creating this page is to be able to help my highly valued followers with any queries or concerns they may have. On most days I receive roughly 40 direct messages to my Bury Green Poultry account from people all over the world asking for advice and so I thought what better way than to create a private page for us all to be able to communicate together?! This way we get to know other like-minded people and it’s a fun way to find out more about your hens’ needs!

Every week I host a live question and answer video in which you can ask me anything about your flock or about chicken keeping in general. If you can’t attend the video live because the time doesn’t suit you then don’t worry, all the videos are saved so you can view them at a time that is convenient for you 🙂 You can send me any questions you have before the Q&A too so I will answer them in the video even if you’re not tuned in 😉

Multiple videos are uploaded every week which focus on different topics of chicken keeping whether it be how to break broodiness, how to prevent parasites, what supplements to give your chickens when they’re going through moult… the list goes on! These videos are pre-recorded and uploaded as IGTVs which are saved in different titled folders so similarly to the other videos, you can watch them whenever and wherever you want so you can refer back to them at any time. 😉

Ultimately this page is a library of content focusing on all areas of chicken keeping so we can learn and grow together to become chicken ‘eggsperts’ 🤓

I’m excited to welcome you into the community and I’m very much looking forward to getting to know you over the next few months, I hope you and your chooks enjoy the journey.

Claudia. X

Subscription details:

The subscription fee is a recurring fee of £2.99 per month which can be cancelled at any time.

To cancel your subscription, simply log into your Paypal account, select ‘settings‘ then click on ‘payments‘ then select ‘view‘ next to ‘manage your automatic payments‘ and select ‘show active‘ which will display all your current pre-approved payments. Click on Bury Green Poultry Community and then select ‘cancel‘ and then ‘stop pre-approved payments‘ and to finish, click ‘done‘. You will then be removed from the Instagram account immediately.