Bury Green Poultry was set up by Claudia Audley in June 2015, Claudia has bred a variety of poultry for over 19 years.

Claudia with her pair of Bobtail Pekins

“I started with a few hybrid hens, introduced a cockerel from the next door farm and within a few months there were chicks everywhere – it was great! Though after a while I became overstocked so I took to the internet to advertise and added my details to a poultry magazine’s breeders directory. Soon I had people travelling from all over the UK to purchase my stock and that’s when my hobby turned into a business.

“The welfare of my birds is my priority, having happy animals makes me happy and makes the business so much more enjoyable to run. All my birds are wormed and treated for mites, they are fed layers pellets and fresh grass daily.”


Bury Green Poultry specialises in:

  • Pekin bantams
  • Light Sussex chickens
  • Rainbow egg layers

Bury Green Poultry breeds the following colours of:

Pekin bantams

  • Bobtail & Rose Bobtail (Frizzle & Smooth)
  • Lemon & Lemon Cuckoo
  • Porcelain (Frizzle & Smooth)
  • Lavender (Frizzle & Smooth)
  • Millefleur (Frizzle & Smooth)
  • Buff (Frizzle & Smooth)
  • Gold Laced (Frizzle & Smooth)

Bury Green Poultry’s rainbow egg layers are the following breeds:

  • Araucanas
  • French Copper Marans
  • Cuckoo Marans
  • Cream Legbars
  • Hybrids including Olive Eggers & Easter Eggers

Please note that viewings are by appointment only, please ring or message Claudia to confirm a date & time, thank you.